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subsidy progr〓am. The pro■gram has also helpe●d domestic ma■nufactures com〓bat the global fin◆ancial crisis. Fig○ures show t■hat during the f〓irst 10 months of○ this year, ●sales of hom●e applianc■es under t○he scheme reach〓ed over 27 ●million units. Th■e total revenu■e was 50 b■illion yuan.In◆dustry insiders ◆say the increasing ○sales in t〓he countrys〓ide have offset the ●impact brought on by● the global fin○ancial crisis. Mean〓while, manufac■turers have also c◆hanged the〓ir marketing an○d sale str○ategies to meet● the surging● demand from ◆the home market.■

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    Although Ch○ina's home■ appliance ind●ustry has reported◆ a 20 percent dro■p in exports this ◆year, the sec■tor's total ou■tp


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    ut remai●ns unchanged f○rom a year ear■lier.Huang Wei, Vi〓ce Presiden●t of TCL Corp●. said "Our comp■any is shifting its 〓sale

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    s focus. In 20〓07, nearly 60 percen〓t of our products● were sold overse◆as. The rate dropped■ to 50 percent in ■2008, and 40 ■p